Liquid-Check Levelsensor

The electronic measuring system “Liquid Check” enables the measurement of fluid levels in unpressurized containers. For example, water cisterns, tank contents, etc. By specifying container shapes and dimensions, the conversion into liters is also carried out. The main utility values are therefore, in addition to other information, the height of the water level in meters and the amount of liquid in liters. The measured values are displayed on the digital display on the device as well as via W-LAN connection on a PC or a cell phone. Since the device has a local website, the values can also be integrated into SmartHome systems that support reading values from websites. A program module is available for the open source SmartHome system “FHEM”.

Works also in privat network without internet

The following predefined forms are supported to convert the measured level into liters:
Box, Ball, Cylinder standing, Cylinder lying, Bearing table
Thus e.g. the content of a square basin with the shape “Box” can be captured.
The length and width of the pelvis are then specified in this form function, e.g. “2.4 * 3 * h”

If none of the shapes described fit, a bearing table can be given:
1.       1,0 m     =  300 L
2.       1,5
m     =  450 L
3.       etc. etc.
.          .
.          .
10.     2,0 m     = 550 L

A tank table is usually provided by the tank manufacturer.