Liquid-Check offers the following features:

1. Accurate measurement absolutely

2. Accurate repetition measurement

3. Installation not necessary directly on the container/tank

4. No calibration required

5. Good Wi-Fi connection, as in-house assembly

6. Good power supply, as in-house assembly

7. Connection to the Wi-Fi network via the router’s WPS button

8. Setting all parameters via local website

9. Responsive display on mobile phone

10. No separate app required

11. Setting different container shapes and dimensions

12. Entering a bearing table for complex container shapes

13. Measuring interval adjustable

14. Specific density of the liquid adjustable

15. Offset for measuring position (hose position above the ground)

16. Direct replacement of existing pump tank watches

17. Integration into smart home systems possible
FHEM, openHAB, Loxone, FIBARO Home Center 3, Home Assistant

18. FHEM – Module for integration into the open source SmartHome system available

19. Also works without external server or local network

20. Low acquisition costs